Centaurs have two stomachs. The human one can digest meat but that digested meat is then sent on to the horse stomach, and that doesn’t do so well. The majority of centaurs are vegans. The king (Henry VIII) and most of his followers eat meat and then vomit it up (think vomitorium). This has caused a schism in the Centaur community.
Also – the original humanesque inhabitants are Picts – same Picts who were on Earth realm. These Picts are smaller than modern man and are basically fae. Magical, but small magics – small curses small blessings. Make milk go sour, cause some good luck to happen, entrap a person in a mushoom ring. There are neolithic monuments in the Centaur realm (needs a name) that correspond to the ones in the Earth realm. Maybe those can be portal sites?