The surveyor found a “lost colony”‘; a mining colony on an asteroid (of course) that had lost contact with its parent corporation when that corporation had a hostile take over and/or a disaster that caused the loss of records. Surveyor works for the corporation that is scooping up the defunct corp’s assets.

She has some troubles with her ship and crashes on this asteroid and is rescued by the miners. The atmosphere of the asteroid is artificial and contained in domes. Most of the mining operations and other aspects of the operation are run by mechanicals/computers, leaving the miners – decendents of Original Earth – to be the programers and the overseers of the mechanicals and computers.

The surveyor is told of the origins of the medievalesque society that developed on the asteroid, especially that grew when it lost connection with the rest of the galaxy.

Once upon a time, on Original Earth in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, there was a social club that recreated medieval and renaissance times for fun and education. Grandchildren and great grandchildren of the people in that social club took the McZuckersoft Challenge; an employment drive to get people off planet and into space, working to get a special ore that was found on distant asteroids. It was good money and supposedly a time-limited stint off of the home planet.

That turned out to be a lie. Very few people got to return to Original Earth, and so the workers settled in and made the mining asteroid as homelike as possible, including introducing the ideas of the social club to their friends. The social club was based on someone’s take on what medieval Europe should have been like (not what it was like, but what it could have been like if people were nice). Ideals of honesty, courage, loyalty, courtesy, generosity, and noble bearing. The idea that everyone was noble and literally a noble, with no lower-class citizens or surfs. Everyone would be nice to everyone else, and there’d be competition but no anger or jealousy.

Idealistic, to say the least. When the mining community was cut off from the rest of the galaxy, effectively “lost,” this social ideal turned into its culture. There were four areas a person could be grouped in (the areas were not exclusive) Crafting, Service, Martial, and Other. There was a fifth area, Royalty, which everyone hoped to be a part of. The leader, or King, came from the Martial group and became so based on his/her ability in mock combat (no real swords, but flexible wooden swords). His consort (male or female) became Queen. Their “heirs” were the winners of a different competition. The King and Queen ruled for a year, and then the heirs stepped in, had a coronation ceremony, and held a ceremony to chose their heirs. And so it went on. Men and women who had won the crown could do so again. Ex-Kings and Queens became Counts and Countesses (won once) and Dukes and Duchesses (won multiple times). Barons/Baronesses became the connection between the Royalty and the Service group.

The Service group held the culture together and did all of the functions administrators normally do, including keeping the mining going (even though the mines were almost mined out). They went by specific position titles such as Seneschal and Reeve or by an awarded title, Pelican (based on a fiction that a pelican gave its own blood to feed its chicks). Etc.

[Disclaimer. If all this sounds familiar, it is. IF it ever becomes a real story, the titles and stuff will be changed. I’m just thinking “on page” here.]

The social club ideal changed back to the normal society of haves and have nots, complete with the Other group being in the have not section. Competition was fierce in all areas, and the Royalty was a group of elitists.

Anyway, Surveyor gets introduced to the colony (into the Other group) and has to find the one craftsman who still knew how to work on spaceships in order to get her ship repaired. She asks about Amagog, and people still believe in that entity, but Amagog has not delivered in a long time. She has to climb the social ladder in order to get help?

SCA in space. It could happen.