Last night I watched the movie Hair again, which I hadn’t seen for at least 20 years (maybe more). The story line was not as cohesive as I remember it being or as fleshed out. Maybe I made up the missing details in my mind, and didn’t notice that I was doing that. For example, the Clod character never really had a conversation with his love interest, Sheila, or with Berger regarding his love interest, yet Berger forced Clod and Sheila together repeatedly. So, perhaps the conversation was off screen? The ending was sad and I’m sure had some sort of message tied to it, but this morning I can’t grasp it fully. Why did Berger have to die in Vietnam again? One of you readers could probably tell me.

I have pandemic fatigue today. I want to write, but am a little uncertain about that. I should be working, but am a little reluctant to do that. I want to curl up in a comfy chair and spend the remainder of the day reading – I’m pretty sure about that.

Ah well. Another interesting research bit that I will hopefully do soon is the movie Taking Woodstock, which kind of reminds me (from the preview. I haven’t seen it yet) of Almost Famous. Hopefully it will be good, but more importantly, hopefully it will give me more inspiration to write.

So what’s going on in the faerie land and how do Kim and Tiffany get there?

Maybe next post…