Jax and the girl faerie, whose name is posted earlier in this blog, capture Tiffany and Kim (and maybe John Michael – if he’s there). The captives are brought before the leadership and questioned. Jax and girl faerie are tasked with finding out how the breach of the barrier that keeps Faeland from the modern world occurred. The humans are offered freedom if they can help figure out this catastrophe. Why is it a catastrophe? If the barrier between worlds/dimensions breaks, both could be destroyed in the merger (since this has never happened or maybe happened in the past – Arthurian days? Picts and standing stones and such – maybe the leadership are unsure as to what will happen, but its scary.).

Tiffany (and John Michael?) and the girl faerie stay in Faeland to figure out if the event occurred in Faeland (maybe some evil fae set out to open a portal – which is forbidden) and Jax and Kim are sent back to the human lands to see how the portal opened and to prevent any other humans from crossing over. There is a time limit – and both parties have to return to their respective worlds before the portal closes – or be trapped in that world. And maybe only the fae are told about that, but the humans are ignorant.

Kim runs into Amble in a freak-out tent.