So, maybe I can get a short story finished. Short stories are supposed to be 1k to 7k words in length; they have a beginning, middle, and end; and according to James Scott Bell’s How to write a short story book, they should have a “shatter moment.” A “shatter moment” is where something changes for the character that shatters the character, so that the character is not the same as before and there’s no going back to being how the character was before.

I like James Scott Bell’s writing books. He has a different way of putting things. I hope I will be able to make a short story work here. Or hell, maybe a flash fiction story (less than 1k words with a beginning, middle, and end that has a change for the character and emotional resonance of the reader).

My goal (and y’all know I suck at goals) is to write one short story or maybe flash fiction a week. I’ll start on Monday, February 22nd. Universe, are you listening?