So here’s the premise:
If you had foreknowledge that someone is going to do something that would kill someone else, what would you do? Would you address party A and ask them to stop? Would you warn party B? Would you ask them if they believed in fate or chance?

And here’s an attitude:
I’m just selling information (gained illegally?). It’s not my fault that the information was used for bad things. I have no control over what the information is used for.

Modern world. A research company with owners/leadership descended from the Oracles of Delphi, who’ve grown up in a religion that worships (whomever the Oracles of Delphi worshiped) an entity that provides them powers of foresight. The religion used to offer this foreknowledge for free to anyone who asked. Times changed, the religion’s followers dispersed. Only a few left – a core family and some extended family members and a few friends. This group created a research company to sell its knowledge – because why not? It’s the modern world and the information, especially in the stock markets of the world, could make them rich. They could influence governments with the information their entity/deity provides them. And why not? It’s not like they are doing anything wrong. They just provide information, for a price. A company such as Strategic Planning Consulting Company – Proactive Worldwide (not that this company in any way has anything to do with anything related to this post – its just a company that provides research.)

So what if one of the scions of this family wants to do something else or to use the information for good – beyond the stock market and selling information. What if this person finds out something is going to happen and wants to change the outcome?