Other occupations that rely on forecasting: weather jobs. Someone from the family could branch out and work at a local TV station, providing “the city’s most accurate forecast.”

At the research company, a younger distant cousin is hired on. She starts at the lowest rung, doing secretarial work such as filing reports, doing internet searches, filling in the customer database. She notices her relatives in senior management going to “management meetings” that happen in the basement conference room. Only the senior management are allowed in that conference room and there is speculation among the worker group (which includes non-family members) that something mysterious or at least more interesting happens there.

In reality, that’s where the senior management members go to do their rituals for the deity (Apollo?) and to sniff the replicated fumes of the fissure at Delphi (which the company made in its chemistry department) – which allows them to see into the future more accurately.

The younger cousin wants to know what’s happening. She’s curious. She’s family. She has a right to know and when she finds out its not what she imagined and not everything is as ethically cool as she wanted, she freaks. She leaves the company perhaps and vows to take it down. Or maybe she stays in the company, still vowing to take it down or change its ways. To save her family. To honor her god. Do to the right thing.