MS 365 or the Azure service or whatever is currently malfunctioning and my work is reliant on at software. What’s a writer to do?
Write on the blog and hang until the workday completes.
Random Generation time! There seem to be a lot of nice random generators coming out of the UK (or at least with .uk URLs). Here’s RanGen for a random plot device generator with Fantasy and random sub-genre.

Sub-Genre: Dark

Person: A person of noble birth
Threat: An abomination
Item: A corpse
Location: A dodgy tavern
Event: Demonic possession
Feeling: Faith

It also has a fun Awkward Moments Generator:
The character accidentally spills food on someone else’s clothes.

And here’s the full plot generator:

Just when everything was going great, the main character’s loyalty is tested when they learn of the dark lord that steadily grows in power; it results in the queen being murdered, and an unpopular replacement being put on the throne.

Brave enough to go forward, the main character, with the help of their mentor struggles to find anyone they can trust.

In the end, after managing to steal a crucial piece of information, the main character now has the strength to deal with other problems in their life.

Under the Motive generator:
5 – An uncontrollable urge to kill. Their goal is to be popular.

So we have a guy who wants to be popular but has an uncontrollable urge to kill (things? people? inanimate objects? plants? endless possibilities). He looks like:
Standing 6′ 0″ tall, this aquamarine skinned man has an unforgettable feel about him. A particularly notable feature is his sense of style.
He has a narrow face with a pointed chin, a small nose, thin lips, and his bright pink eyes are hooded.
He has hip length, wavy, dark blue hair that is thinning.
He has narrow shoulders, short arms, a lean torso, and long legs.

Or he might look like:
Standing 5′ 10″ tall, this caramel skinned man has a dominant feel about him. A particularly notable feature is his large amount of body hair.
He has a round face, a small nose, full lips, and his brown eyes are narrow.
He is bald (clean-shaven, but can grow hair which is normally grey and thick).
He wears pale blush, light eyeshadow and an unnatural-looking foundation.
He has slanted shoulders, strong arms, a powerful torso with chiseled abs, a straight waist, and toned legs.

Hairy yet bald.


That was yesterday. Today things are back to normal. Tomorrow I think I should write about the character with the goal to be popular who has an uncontrollable urge to kill, because that character is interesting. But, it’s St. Patrick’s Day and every year when this day rolls around, I think, I should finish that Kiss Me I’m Irish story (some of which may be found in the archives of this website). I really should. I mean, I’ve gotten 20k words into it (or something like that). I have a plot outline-ish (or at least know where I was going). Maybe it’ll happen this year. Or maybe you’ll find nothing on this blog tomorrow.

Regardless, have a lovely and safe St. Patrick’s Day.