So I just read The House That Walked Between Worlds. I liked it. And kudos to the author for getting it and its too sequels published. However, it was a marketing trick and that irritates me.

The story goes from the beginning to somewhere around the first turning point/doorway of no return/or whatever you want to call it. And then it ends, on a meh cliffhanger. So if you want to find out, you have to buy book two and book three. I totally get why someone would do that. It generates three times as much sales as a single complete book would do. But holy bells, people, not fair. No warning was given to the purchaser that this story is not complete. And if all the books parts were complete, why not put out a complete book and charge a little more?

The Box of Frogs series does the same thing. I read the first story of that group and got to the end and thought – WTF? Where’s the rest of the story. I purchased the other two, but have not gotten back to read them. I’m not purchasing the other two House stories because, damn it, no warning given to the consumer.

I mean blogs – totally okay with serial stories on a blog. Kinda fun actually. But purchasing a story from Amazon? Yes, they’re not expensive and its Kindle and all that… I find it annoying. I wonder if the authors think, “Hey, not only have I got one story published, I have three. I have a series published!” And maybe they use that to try to get more books published?

When I publish something on Amazon, it will be complete.

Rant complete.

The house that is hidden or moves through dimensions made me think of the TARDIS. I totally want a TARDIS, or even a house with legs that moves around, but mostly a house that has as much room as I could possibly need. Not that I am unhappy with my current home, but just think – a room for everything. Even when I was a tween and hung out with my friends, we had images of the “perfect house,” which of course had a huge library and a swimming pool (or three) that had passages you could swim through to get to other swimming pools (with pockets for air in between) and secret passages. I’ve always wanted a pool with a waterfall and grotto. Or maybe I just wanted the Playboy Mansion.

So, I’m trying to work a magic house into a story. I have a story started with that in mind and the story is veering away from the house bit. So we’ll see how that shakes out.