Saturday, Comic-Con Day 3

It didn’t happen. I thought it would, but it didn’t. We did not go to Comic Con on Saturday. Instead, we got up late and went for brunch at The Draft in Mission Beach and I put my feet in the ocean (always a goal of mine).
After that, we saw the new Star Trek movie (Star Trek Beyond). I liked it. It had good special effects that I’m sure were awesome in 3D, but we saw it in 2D. The cinematography was a little spiny at times, and I had a moment or two of vertigo. I’ll have to see it again so that I can follow the story more closely, which is the case for me with most of the new Star Trek movies. “Action packed” to say the least.
For dinner, we ended up at both Dickey’s Barbeque and the vegetarian place next door. I had vegetarian and it was not exactly what I wanted. I had a taste for a specific food or flavor of food and I thought that’s what I would get, but they were out and so I ended up with a substitute, which was good, but it just wasn’t what I wanted/craved, so it was frustrating. Maybe in a different situation it would have been exactly what I wanted. I don’t know – a good experience but not a fulfilling one?
Another lesson in not having expectations perhaps?
We saw The Fooks at the Blarney Stone (across the street from dinner) and Chang joined us, also a new friend (new to me), Snori (his SCA name). The band was good but not as together as the night before. The guitarist (Gilly) has a new girlfriend (Melissa? Jessica?) and I think he was more interested in her than in playing. And of course, they were louder than necessary. Mama Fook wasn’t there to keep them in line. Good times anyway.
Today (Sunday) it’s all over. The end of the vacation. N/S are off to Sunday Comic Con and D/K to recover, Eoin to home, and I’m returning to the desert. It was a lovely vacation and I wish I could stay longer. OCEAN, sigh. Anyway, thanks for reading. Have a lovely day.

Friday, Comic Con Day 2

Friday, July 22
A full day, and again, I don’t remember exactly how it started but we ended up at the Con, with D this time. Went to Nerd HQ. K and I didn’t want to go in, so we stood in line for a Star Trek thing that turned out to be a make-up station that wanted credit cards, so we went to Nerd HQ. Then off to meet the Kellys and their friend Tina at the Stout House – which seemed like a really long walk. Stopped at another Star Trek thing, this one an art show. Very cool. The artists were there signing and selling posters but I couldn’t talk myself into purchasing anything.
Stout House was as good as always.
Then it was off to Henry’s Pub, which had turned into a Game of Thrones thingy (basically it had cool house flags and the bartenders/wait staff wore GOT shirts).
Then to L street to see the wall of GOT faces – but there was a huge line. So Petco, and there was a huge line. By that time, I had been peopled out and my tongue was getting sharp. I wasn’t in a particularly bad mood, just snippy – which meant that it was time for nap. So K, D, and I bailed. Eoin stayed with Tina and the Kellys for a while. I heard later that Tina bailed and the Kellys went into the Con (as they have tickets).
Mass napping and then I was ready to go back to the Gaslamp to get ready for seeing The Fooks at The Field. Everyone bailed except for Eoin (who stayed down there the whole time). We had dinner at Whiskey Girl and listed to Dale and Cindy, then Chang responded to a text I sent earlier and he joined us at The Field.
The Fooks were awesome. Gilly is back playing guitar and the energy level has increased greatly. Good times. Lots of people, obviously. Met a nice Irish guy, from Northern Ireland, and his wife, from Texas. His name was Paul and I didn’t catch her name, but both very nice. Also met an Irish guy from Kilkenny named Whitney. He said he hadn’t met anyone with that last name before. Eoin met some guys from Switzerland. There was a whole Northern Irish contingency there getting rowdy.
Taxied home and am off to the beach today (kinda Conned out at the moment).

Thursday, Comic Con Day 1

Thursday, July 21
I’m not sure how the day started but we went to the banks and then took an Uber down to the trolley station where we caught a mildly full trolley to the Con. Then we went to have a drink and a potty-potty (as K calls it) at one of the bars near the trolley station. Then off to Nerd HQ. We were all pre-registered so we got right in with our non-removable wristbands. We had our pictures taken for Operation Smile and I bought a t-shirt. Then Eoin and I stood in line on the upper floor – for way too long – to see a VR demo. I bailed before I got in and caught up with K downstairs at the cereal bar. We saw Zachary Levi arrive for his panel. We had stopped to check out the 3-D printer when one of the staff said “Hey, want to go to Zach’s panel? $20” and we said “Hell yes” so we left Eoin in VR land while we went to see the panel. Zachary Levi was interesting, funny, and unexpectedly religious. The first question, which we think may have been planted, was about when he found God. He said he found religion at 18 (in a long story). Anyway, good for him and all that – totally not what I expected. But it was a good panel and he’s very enthusiastic about Nerd HQ and Operation Smile and all of his fundraising/awareness-raising projects.
After that we meet Eoin outside and we had lunch at the Horton Grand Hotel – which is very nice. The food was good and the place was quiet with not many people. After lunch it was off to see what else was out there. We ended up in the line for the Timeless (new TV show) experience, which included a picture and a whirly ride. K wasn’t feeling well, so she went home. I skipped the whirly ride because I get motion sickness.
Then it was off to the Hilton to find a water, a potty-potty, and an adult beverage. We found a couch across from the Starshine Enterprise shoe shining place, home of Captain Kirk Shoe Shine. The guy who shined the shoes looked like a wider Captain Kirk. Fun. After that break we walked around the ConX, which is where all the TV networks were set up, and past the Adult Swim event, around the back of the convention center and back to the trolley and home.
We had pizza that night and watched a few episodes of Limitless, which I quite enjoyed. I’ll have to track that down when I return to my solitude.
Today we are back to the Con, and then maybe back home for a nap, and then back to the Gaslamp area for a band. At least, that’s the plan. More soon.

Wednesday, Pre-Comic Con Day 1

Wednesday July 20
Well, technically the Con starts Wednesday evening with the preview action in the main exhibition hall – but seeing as I don’t have tickets, Preview Night is not applicable. I’ve seen posts from some of my author friends about already being at the Con and having fun.
So, Wednesday. Went for a walk, worked on revising my story, dealt with WOW updates (the game was completely reset so all of my character’s stats had to be redone – quelle merde). Anyway, K came home from work early and we went to the mall for some shopping therapy. I got a Supernatural t-shirt and new tennis shoes. Napped. Brother Eoin came down from Long Beach after work and we went to see Old Stormy at the Blarney Stone. Old Stormy turns out to be one guy who refused to give his name, just went by Old Stormy – even though he wasn’t old. He was a good entertainer though and played a lot of audience participation songs. If he could just replace the singer from The Thundercock – there’d be a hot band. Anyway, he had quite the following with the regulars following along, yelling out, and doing movements. Very fun and funny. Good crowd for a Wednesday night. Chang showed up late, but at least he showed up. He looked tired. Some other friend of D/K’s was supposed to come but bowed out at the last minute. D stayed home because he had to work Thursday – poor baby😉

Off to Comic Con today (Thursday). A report, hopefully, about that tomorrow morning before I get up and do it again (see if I don’t)!

Tuesday, Pre-Comic Con Day 2

Tuesday, July 19.
At D/K’s house. They went to work and I decided I needed to see Sunset Cliffs with my camera. I got some good shots. There was a marine layer, so the light was not the best. The ocean was not very lively and the surfers didn’t seem enthusiastic. I’m not sure surfers are ever enthusiastic; a very laid back bunch. Saw two crabs fighting. The winner dragged the loser into a crevice, where I assume he/she was consumed. Circle of life and all that. Sat on a cliff and communed with the ocean. It was everything I wanted it to be.
Returned to the house and discovered a large update to WOW (my game) and that took forever. Went to meet LaDona for lunch. LaDona is a friend from Flagstaff who I haven’t seen in close to 30 years. She’s awesome and doing well. She has a new 2016 Corvette Stingray that is just plain sexy. We had lunch at Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern, a place I’d been to a few times before. Good food. Good conversation. Fun to catch up on old things like the band we had in common (Something Blue). I hope she can catch us up later this weekend for I want her to meet the rest of my SD folks.
After D/K got back from work, K wanted to dye her hair blue and green, so we did that. My hair is not yet fully white, so no dye jobs for me. It’s a thing. I am definitely a WYSIWIG person. Ellie Mae got in touch with K at work. Evidently Cos wants to come visit next week. We called him and told him to come visit this week while all the rest of his KE fam was around. He said he’d get back to us on that – so I expect that’s a no. Had a lovely text chat with Clint (Hi Clint!).

Sunday, pre-Comic Con Days 4 and 3

Sunday July 17
Went to Ocean Beach and had breakfast at Shades, which is closing on Sept. 5th after some tens of years (I don’t remember what the notice said). Anyway, Shades is on Abbott road, just East of the Life Guard building, so you can see the pier and surfers from the windows. It has tasty food and good drinks.
Then we went to look at the tide pools on the other side of the pier, which K had never seen. And of course the tide was in, so she still didn’t see them, but now she knows where they are. I could hang out there all day (and might go there today). Anyway, returned to D/K’s house and played World of Warcraft and had a nap. A lovely relaxing day.

Monday, July 18
Got up early with the intent to walk and then go for a walk with N, but managed to go for a walk with N in her neighborhood. Nice houses. It was good to catch up with her. Then back to the house, play some WOW and read. All day. Reading all day is a favorite pass time of mine, which doesn’t happen much now that I am an adult. (Shhh – don’t believe that shit.) Went to eat that night with D/K at the Lafayette Hotel, which was awesome as usual. I read (just for the record) Comfortably Numb by Deborah Grabien. An enjoyable book about the Blacklight band – superstars of the rock n’ roll world.

RWA National Convention Day 4

July 16, Saturday. Last day of the convention.
I got up early and packed my stuff. I had a full day of lectures planned, and I definitely wanted to see the speaker, Sherry Thomas, at breakfast. Did I mention that Friday at Nora Robert’s panel I sat next to Nalini Singh and had a nice conversation? Anyway, Sherry THomas had a great speech Saturday morning. I sat next to a nice lady from Arkansas who said she’d be happy to email ne anytime to tell me to get my ass in gear and write – which I appreciate. I have her card but can’t think of her name at the moment. It was interesting that everyone would say something like, “Oh this is your first time, how is your conference?” followed by “What do you write?” So I’d say “Yes, my conference has been awesome, thank you. How was yours? And I write urban fantasy and paranormal.” Sometimes, rarely, they’d say, “Oh cool. Are you published?” and sometimes they’d say “Oh. Are you published?” To which I’d say “No, not yet. What do you write?” and the persons who were not enthusiastic about urban fantasy/paranormal invariably said “Contemporary,” which means they wrote normal romance stories set in modern times without anything unnatural or strange. To which I’d say “Oh, I love to read those. I just can’t write them” and we’d be back on an even keel, without the silly yet silent “ewww, you’re one of those people who like vampires and shit.”
Ah well – everyone I met was nice and polite – it could have just been my overwhelm-edness. By Saturday morning I had definitely had enough people.
So – after breakfast, I went to a nice panel on body language – which was just a list of what faces look like when experiencing various emotions, but it was cool. It reminded me of Lie To Me, and in fact the speaker said she used the person who the show was about as a source: Paul Ekman.
After that lecture, I had about 2 hours to blow. I couldn’t hang, so I checked out, put my crap in storage and had lunch. Called K for a fetch, but she wasn’t ready to fetch me, so I read Penric and the Shaman for a bit.
K got me about an hour later and we went to her house and drank. N and S came over and we had some lovely fresh yellowtail that Chang had caught.
Then a nap – or maybe that nap came before N and S arrived. Anyway, we went to see The Thundercock band at the Blarney Stone. They sucked. Sorry – Odell is awesome and he sounded great, its just the singer couldn’t stay in tune to save his life. So “B” for effort.
All in all, a good time and a long lovely week at the convention.

RWA National Convention Day 3

Friday, July 15, 2016
So the day started early with a 5:45 am get up and sign on to try to get tickets to see Felicia Day at Nerd HQ at Comic Con in SD. I got a button, it was green, but by the time I clicked on it – maybe 10 seconds, the event was sold out.
7am – trying to get Supernatural Tickets, same place. Didn’t even get a button. Sold Out.
Nathan Fillion tickets are “on sale” Monday but I suspect I won’t even get the page to load. Fuckers.
Such is life – will just have to continue to cyber stalk.
Anyway, went down to breakfast, ate, and decided I didn’t want to wait for the speaker. I am a little over-peopled at the moment. So I went back to the room and wrote. Because that’s what writers do. Or so I’ve heard.
Went to a Nora Roberts chat and then I was free (after deciding to blow off more lectures) until 3 pm, so I had lunch at a lovely Thai place (Lotus Thai) with N. She was kind enough to pick me up and drop me off. Very fun to see my friends.
Went to my 3 pm thing with Michael Hague. Sat with my friend Rachel D. and saw new and old friends Claire Marti, Marie Andreas, and Janet Tate but didn’t get to speak to them. Boy that was a long lecture. Really good, but really long.
Blew off my next things and took a nap.
Made myself get up and go have dinner at Whiskey Girl, where I saw Dale and Cindy (The Heart). I’d never seen them play as a duo before. Fun.
In looking up The Heart website just now, it’s on Gig Masters – and how cool is that?
Anyway – returned to hotel after the first set because my energy ran out. And then read for another hour or two (silly me). Reading Penric and the Shaman.
Final day today (Saturday) for me. I will relate it tomorrow.

RWA National Convention Day 2

Very busy day. Went to an erotic romance panel, which was interesting. However, the questions from the audience were more about publishing and the career aspects than the genre. Oh well.
Then to a revision workshop with Laurie Campbell, which had some useful points but was kind of boring. Then lunch, which was amazing. All of the conference attendees were there, all 2000 of them. The ballroom was huge. Pretty lights, a stage, and a good speaker. After lunch, I attended a lecture on Chemistry, which was very good except for the hotel turned on the stereo in the room and the speaker had to shout for about 20 minutes. Then I went to what I thought was going to be a world building lecture but it turned out to be about setting and research, but the speaker reminded me of my mother. She talked about ranching and horses. It was good.
Then break – and I absolutely needed it. Took a nap. And dinner at the Harbor House with the RWA Tucson group. That was fun because I got to know my chaptermates a little better and have a drink of champagne, which always makes things better. The food was excellent.
Then home to bed.
Not as busy today (Friday). Hoping to have enough steam left this evening to see The Heart, Dale and Cindy’s band. More tomorrow!

RWA National Convention Day 1

Wednesday, July 13, 2016
I slept in until 6:30, which is a major accomplishment for me. Go team!
The hotel is at the convention center, which is downtown San Diego, next to the Gaslamp district. There’s a grocery store about a block away, so I went there to get breakfast stuff and snacks. Friday and Saturday there are breakfasts, but the rest of the mornings it is fend for oneself. Not that the hotel doesn’t have restaurants and room service – it does, but I need to try to save a little money. I’ve been spending like a fiend and my credit card is either going to love me or hate me after this. Worth it.
Went for a walk in the park next to Seaport Village, and then through Seaport Village. Took some pictures but I’m not sure they turned out very well. My picture juju seems to have run dry. Hopefully I have that fixed before Comic Con. Purchased some shell earrings.
Got in contact with N, who invited me out to lunch in Kensington – which turned out to be 15 minutes away. So I arrived early and parked in the wrong place. Started to walk and fond a thrift store. Purchased a spoon (for my cereal – I’d used an empty half-n-half container as a spoon earlier to eat my cereal out of a coffee cup) and a blue crochet dress (didn’t try it on). Found the restaurant and meet N. N’s friend from Florida has just moved to SD, so she was there too. Tina. I like her. She works in the hotel industry and will be joining us for the CC adventure. It’ll be good for N to have some additional companionship. N was kind enough to allow me to park out in front of her house for the remainder of my hotel stay – for the hotel charges $47 for valet parking and $32 for park-u-self per day, which seems a little steep.
Got back to the hotel to realize that I was 15 minutes late for my first meeting – newbie orientation, so no time to try on the new dress. Arrived at orientation and sat in front of two ladies from my local chapter – which was nice. We exchanged phone numbers and I hung out with them for a bit. Look out for your own, eh? After the orientation, which went too long in my mind, I went upstairs, changed into the dress – which fits perfectly – and back down to the literacy signing event. This event was open to the public and included romance authors of great renown, like Nora Roberts and Syliva Day. So, one of the chapter ladies (Christy) and I stood in line for a Nora signing and picture. Before then, I was in line to get into the event I met a lovely author named Claire Marti. She was very cool. I hope to run into her again. There was also a lady passing out flyers for a movie she’d done about the romance industry.
Back to Nora. Line, boring, whatever. Didn’t actually have much conversation and no touching of the Nora, but a nice short chat with her assistant, who has a cool celtic tattoo on her wrist. Then I wandered around the tables and tables of authors signing books to find acquaintances from both the AZ RWA and the SD RWA. I found just about everyone. I also met and chatted with Nalini Singh, who writes a variety of things – but I’ve read her rock and roll romances. She’s from New Zealand. I also met and chatted with Susanna Kearsley. She liked my dress. Had her sign a book to my mother and myself. Very cool. Checked out and only spent $150 or so. All proceeds go to literacy efforts. Totally worth it.
Was going to meet up with the ladies for dinner but didn’t hear from them by 7:30 and knew I had to eat, so went to the outside food area called Tequila’s. Sat by myself at the bar and yes, had a margarita. A lady named Laurie joined me. She was the one putting on the movie and I’d seen her in line for the literacy thingy earlier. She was very interesting and we had a lovely chat about lots of things.
After that, I collapsed.
More about Day 2 tomorrow after I live it.