For as long as I’ve had this blog, I’ve said “I have nothing to say about myself at this time. Thank you for asking.” Well, nothing much has changed there. I suppose someone might want to know who and why but really, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not important. I write. I think about writing. I try to entertain myself via writing. I go to work, I come home, I watch stupid TV, I surf the internet, I play MMORPGs, I hang out with my friends and family. So – that’s my life. Not bad, not exciting, but mine. I’m grateful.

Addendum. This blog is pretty much out of my head to your eyes. I don’t normally edit for grammar, punctuation, or content for three reasons.
I’m lazy.
I actually edit (and get paid for it) for all of those things every work day, so doing it on my off time doesn’t appeal, sorry.
I think there is value to original things. Everything we see in media these days is edited beyond belief. It’s someone’s ideal of perfect. The raw product is rarely seen. We are imperfect beings. So – I don’t edit this blog (much – I do edit somethings when they irritate me). Deal with it.

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