Got up early (well – not really. Slightly later than a week day) and went with my cousin, her husband, and child to “the Waterfall.” This waterfall was a summer staple from my childhood. My cousin had never been there. As it has been raining and the wash has been running, we figured the waterfall should also be running.
We drove up the canyon, faced the somewhat treacherous dirt road that has, in one spot, developed a tire eating trench, and parked in front of Offenrings (not sure of the spelling). We walked the rest of the way up the canyon, which opens out from there with two nice flat fields and the wash meandering on one side.
It was very green and very damp smelling. We were up early enough that the bugs were not out yet. We spotted enormous mushrooms – clearly faerie condos and hot spots. We spotted three deer (early on) and no other animals really. Which was fine. I had a gun in case we happened to run into a snake. Luckily, they weren’t up yet either.
The falls were fantastic. Everything I imagined. We all got into the water, and let the waterfall beat down upon us. Very therapeutic and relaxing. The water was cold at first, but became pleasant. There were indications that it had flooded – as there were many down trees and debris high on the hillsides.
On the way home my cousin spotted some tadpoles about to turn into frogs (the frog with a tail stage – I know there’s a word for that but I can’t think of it.)
An excellent start to the morning.